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Relocation Services

In these busy days relocation from one place to another is major issue for any individual or business or Multi-National companies. As the growth of individual keep changing, his belongings too grow more. In the current world, we have very less time to spend for lifting and shifting.

Our Special Service

Local packers movers

Dinesh Packers and movers are offering Local shifting Services of 3 type:

  • Home/ Residential Relocation
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Local Shifting

Whether it ius an Individual human relocation or the families relocation, it is very common now due to several reasons. As far as home is concerned, it is full of our required things. We understand the difficulties of household shifting by offering simplified solutions for shifting your household belongings from one place to another place. Our household shifting includes from packing of goods to final unloading of goods to the destination. Since houses has a many of big items and small articles & sensitive items like glass-wares, Clay pots, Photos, Mirros, Paintings, Lights, Electric goods, etc are taken care.

We provide you the international quality packing material for all such goods to avoid any damage. Household Shifting and packing Services provided by us includes Making List of Articles, Professionalism in Packing, Labelling all the Boxes, Carefully Loading of Goods into Transportation truck/lorry, Warehousing in case of International Relocation(only If required), Unloading and finally unpacking of all goods into the new home and new place is our responsibility.

Corporate/ Business Relocation Services:

Corporate relocation is the major part improvement for any company, as they grow their requirements of space also improve. So when they plan to relocate to a bigger space, we come into the picture. We have a team for Corporate shifting services. Corporate relocation in the sense, each and every document is very important for them. Their electronic goods like printers, computer, telephones,etc., are taken care very well by us. They are packed very neatly with the best, and protecting material for the goods, which will lead to the organised packaging of goods. The system we followed for the corporate relocation services is unique. We make the list of all the goods to be packed, we label the goods with the guidance of the incharge, so that we do not miss even a single pin. Our Corporate shifting methods will really put you on ease.

We have extremely good experience in shifting Multi-naitonal company, Advertising angencies, BPO companies, Consultancies, and many more. We are reliable shifting and packing for Corporate shifing, as you can understand that we maintain the quality of the service, as well as we give importance to the time. We know the worth of your time so we make the move in the well organised manner, so that even a single minute is not wasted while shifting. You'll be really impressed by our way of packing and unpacking the goods, which will ease your worry regarding shifing services.

Door step Relocation Services:

The door step relocation services includes packing the goods on the present location, transfer to the truck, Move it to the new location, and at last unpacking of the goods. We maintain the inventory of all the goods packed on your door step and clear the same on the required destination. We take all the responsibility of the products which are going to be shifted. We also insure for the good if damaged. So we cover the insurance too. The Boxed and the packing materials we use is of the best standard. Which assures you the 100% safety for the goods. You can cross check the goods after shifted to the new place, and once you sign that you just have received all the goods safely, then we leave your place, putting a happy smile on your face.

Packing and Moving Services

Shifting and packing services are offered by Dinesh Packers and Movers. We are have the best expertise in this business and our employees will pick up & deliver your goods at your door step including packing or wrapping and unpacking of your valuable goods.

The Methodology we follow while packing is that we can help you in packing at the time of Moving, Put all the heavy items in small boxes and light goods in big boxes, Pack non-breakables tightly in smaller boxes, so they're not heavy, Use clean newsprint to wrap items and bubble wraps for padding of the goods, Packing breakables loosely in plastic storage bins with a lots of bubble wrap, Mark your boxes by room-wise which help you at the time of unpacking and arranging the new rooms.

Packing the Electronic Goods:
Electronic goods like Telephone, Cordless, Electronic play items etc wrap in a clean paper to protect them from dust. After that use polythene to cover up or we pad them with bubble wrap. We Carefully pack each and every item in carton, which is well built. Securely seal the carton and mark the outside of the box as 'Electronic' to indicate which is easily "breakable things ". System is detached from the moden mouse and all the removables and wrapped with the linen or paper to protect from breakages. The same way printer is also detached and is protected from scratches. The refrigerator is locked and packed with the linen materials. Washing machines is also done in the same way. We use only the original packings and use the boxes for electronic goods.

Packing Home Appliances
The cleaned hob, chimney, oven is packed neatly with the linen wraps. If there are any glass trays, they are removed from the appliances, packed them individually. The empty spaces while placing the things are placed with the papers. Much more Care is taken for lamps and bulbs. Bulbs are detached and packed in the hard box and labels as bulb packings. losen all the parts in the refrigerator before packing it. Microwaves, Televisions, DVD players, Home theatres and cushions are packed with rolling papers. Boxes are numbered when they are packed.

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Loading and UnLoading Services

Domestic and Corporate shifting We ensures the best level of services for Door to Door shifting and high quality of Packing and unpacking for both individual and corporate shifting services. Being the local shifting Experts in packing and moving services company, we provide you the transport services option to suit your goods requirement. We help in the hassle free and comfort feeling relocation of our customers.
We serve you with all of your Packing and unPacking services, from start to the end. Loading and Unloading of things will be done under the guidance of our skilled labours which makes sure that safety remains intact through out our shifting process. We take the responsibility of the safe of transportation. This will put you on ease as we are there to take care of your things.
If you are getting ready to pack and move, planning ahead is essential to avoid extra cost and moving disaster. Packing and unpacking of the goods is of huge importance, proper coordination and sequence should be followed to maintain extra precautions for every household and other valuable items. Our essentials carton is especially popular for safely conveying items such as furniture hardware, electronic equipments, etc. Clothing is placed carefully into hanging wardrobes or flat wardrobes. Crates and casings are built specifically for items that require special protection during international transport. The result comes in the form of the best possible output and the utmost satisfaction of the customers.
Our company has a large fleet of vehicles including heavy trucks, small trucks, cars, and vans which ensures the cost-effective transportation of the goods. We own all of our fleets. We are proud to say that we deliver you the affordable and the market's lowest cost services. Therefore we are the best and reliable professional local shifting experts Ensuring the careful shifting and loading or unloading with personal care to complete the work in the decided time limit

Packing and UnPacking Services

If you have planned to pack and move, you always have packers and movers in your mind which avoids the damage of the household. Packing and unpacking of the goods is the important part of shifitng, proper availability of packing materials is the essentail part. An extra precaution is taken for every household and the valuable items. The Cartons we bring at the time of packing the goods are very special, it may be electronic equipments or the funiture goods. Next the care is taken about the cartons for Wardrobes. During the international transport our crates and casings comes into the picture. Therefore the result is our customer is extremely satisfied.

Car Carrier Services:

Corporate Shifting

We do expertise in Car carrier services tooo. As we are well known in the market for providing best and on time delivery of cars to the desired destinations in India. Our Car transportation services is designed as per the requirement of the customer, which at the end make us do our shifting service the perfect one. The prices for Car transportation services is unbeatable by any other Company. We are the expert handlers as we adopt the solutions concerned about the laoding and relocation services. The trucks which are used for Car carrier is maintained well and capable of carrying the heavy vehicles efficiently.

Ship Cargo:

packers and movers service bangalore Ship Cargo or the freighters is divided into four divisions, according to the type of cargo they carry:-

1. General Cargo Vessels
2. Dry-bulk Carriers
3. Tankers
4. Multipurpose Vessels

General Cargo are used for carrying packaged items like stored foods, Chemical items, furnitures and goods, machinery, motor vehicles, footwear, garments, etc.
Tankers carry the petroleum products and all other liquid cargo. Dry Bulk Carriers carry coal, grains and ores. Multi-purpose cargo carry both general as well as liquid goods. We provide the cargo vessels for any transport of the goods. The exporters who want to send their bulky goods opt for our Ship cargo. The tariff is fixed prices for cargo. Ships cannot have the schedules. A Cargo liner carries limited passengers. Because it is mainly focussed on Ship Cargo.

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Ware Housing:

Local Shifting Company A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of the goods while transfering from one place to another. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, transport business people like Packers and movers, customs, etc. They are usually large plain buildings in industrial areas of cities mainly for the storage purpose. They usually have loading docks to load and unload goods from trucks. The warehousing are mainly designed for loading and unloading of goods directly from railways, airports, or seaports.

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